Coating- research en Quality

Metaltop has developed and qualified a range of coatings to meet national (NBD10300) and international standards (DNV-JIP, ASTM G61), which ensure durable corrosion and wear protection in harsh marine, chemical and industrial environments. To ensure consistent and reproducible coating quality In order to guarantee and meet customer requirements, Metaltop regularly tests its coatings internally and externally by independent third parties. Microstructure, bond strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are among the properties that are tested and qualified according to the customer's requirements. Specifically for the hydraulic piston applications, Metaltop has its own equipment and technology to analyze the permeability and stability of the coatings, important properties that guarantee a long life for your hardware. Use our expertise if you are dealing with stubborn corrosion and / or wear problems, and let us help you solve the problem and find the most economical application.